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Why Aspen?

Aspen Tower, Canary Wharf

It is safe to say that naming one of the tallest new residences in London was no easy feat. The pressure was intense. The right name creates an instant legacy, whilst enabling the structure to become a striking and impactful addition to London’s already defining and iconic skyline.

Aspen seemed like the perfect fit – connecting to the tall and elegant Aspen tree that is said to symbolise beauty, adventure and self-expression. A stand-out structure within East London, Aspen will aim to display its namesake – representing the concept of a sleek and elegant tree, filled with life and energy.

Just as this grand tree affords the best views of nature, Aspen’s formidable height affords its residents one of London’s most stunning panoramic views. From the building’s many impressive viewpoints, there is much to admire and take in – the famous metropolitan cluster of Canary Wharf’s skyscrapers itself, the City of London to the west, Greenwich Peninsula to the east and historic Maritime Greenwich to the south.

Furthermore, the Aspen name reflects the rich history of the area. Although commonly found in Asia, the tree was imported into London during the 18th century for its smooth and strong timber. This was a clear correlation with East London’s luxury goods shipping and trade heritage, which is of primary significance when taking root within this new community.

Aesthetically striking and unusual, both the tree and the building have strength at its core. Its tenacious spirit and connection to nature illustrates strength in community – a central element and the heart of the vision of Aspen and Consort Place.

Consort Place is the new area in which Aspen will be specifically located – a truly vibrant new destination and inclusive community – where families, individuals and friends are invited to enjoy open spaces and landscaped gardens. There will also be a wellness centre, a community hall and thee North Pole public house, as well as a restaurant, bars, and cafés that spill out towards a vibrant town square.

Consort Place is the ideal name for this community-spirited space. A consort depicts a desire to join and unite together and as an abbreviation for “consortium”, it links directly to Far East Consortium’s values of creating sustainable and legacy-driven building projects. We believe Aspen at Consort Place really is the perfect name for London’s new striking addition and helps it to cement its place and meaning to the cityscape.


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