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Charlie Caswell, London Principal and Patrycja Madecka, Senior Designer.
World-renowned interior designers, Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) Residential, promote a highly creative and collaborative work environment in order to create the signature looks of today’s luxury brands.

HBA Residential is a leading interior design company with detailed industry knowledge and significant talent, which has resulted in over 200 global design awards in the past decade alone.

Charlie Caswell, leading the team designing the interiors for Aspen at Consort Place, has explained that HBA Residential was mainly inspired by the heritage and language of the local area. He commented: “The spices, the trade, the docks, the multi-sensory experience that it must have been when the docks were at their height, are all context for our concepts.”

The colour palette has also played a significant role in conveying the new development’s historical connections. It was critical to the team that Aspen had a confident palette, both in colour and materiality. Charlie stated: “We have drawn from the textural vocabulary of the ships and vessels that are inextricably linked to the area’s history; the timbers, brass, the patterns and colours.”

This is particularly evident in the approach taken in the public and social areas where the warmth and spirit of the spice and coffee trade, rigging and sails and tactile timber create a distinctive and elegant style and atmosphere. Furthermore, in the living areas of each apartment, a rich colour scheme of indigo blue and cardamom green complemented by orange accessories is inspired by the exotic trading history of the area.

However, Charlie continues: “Aspen is a modern building and whilst we are keen to nod respectfully to the past, the essence of everything we are doing is very contemporary. There is also a nod to the building’s name, as we have incorporated aspen timber in various ways throughout the amenities.”

“We have also worked hard to emphasise the views, using a lot of reflective surfaces to play with the light. Suggested furniture layouts look to optimise the sense of space, enabling it to extend towards the windows. This helps to engage with the concept of flexible living, an element at the heart of Aspen at Consort Place.”


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